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A World of Opportunity in 2019

I’ve just got back from the Caribbean and USA. Between sailing round the Grenadines, swimming with turtles, reading five books and catching up with friends in the USA (who happen to live on Clark Road!), I had time to reflect on the learnings we have taken from 2018 and how we can use those golden nuggets to shape our goals for 2019.

Shaping our goals & positive choices for 2019

2018 was all about taking a successful, highly reputable business to new levels.

It was a great year, we doubled our business and recognised that managing change is challenging as well as rewarding.

Last January we engaged Dr. Paige Williams from the Centre for Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne to introduce Positive Psychology and work with us throughout the year to operationalise its key benefits into our business. We learned that “growth mindset” and a focus on strengths would help enable our 2018 objectives both as individuals and as a collaborative business.

During the year we hired new Partners into complimentary Practices Areas – in Consumer Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Industry 4.0, HR & People Change, Finance, Technology & IT Services.

Knowing where we've come from and where we're heading

Golden Nuggets – applying our innate curiosity to learn every day. In 2018 we mined some golden nuggets of learning and we intend to capitalise on those this year. These nuggets included growth mindset, managing change effectively, consciously engaging with our strengths as individuals and as a business.

We formed a cohesive strategy for the application of Positivity Psychology in the business and will drive that forward through client searches in 2019.

The 80/20 rule – Traditionally 80% of discussions in organisations have been problem focused and only 20% on strengths and capacity. Using positivity, we look to flip that so that 80% of the attention is focused on strengths but still (and importantly) 20% is about identifying challenges, doing root cause analysis, finding solutions and taking that learning forward. This is what enables change.

Strong relationships, recommendations and track record – we formed many new client partnerships and connections in 2018 that we will continue to nurture.

Updates – in 2019 there will be a refreshed website and linked collateral in Q1, a project lasting the whole year on value streaming that finely hones what clients experience working with us, we will continue to extend our global consumer reach and add three new complimentary practice areas. And, in July I will be at the World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne.

I can’t wait to get started!!


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