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You don’t know what you can do until you try….

We started focusing on positivity in January this year and this bias to our ways of working and approach has made a dramatic impression on our business. The focus on Positivity led us to choose a charity to support and further choices led us to do an Ultra Challenge -100km along the Thames Path from Putney to Henley, which is harder than you think! Its interesting to reflect on all these choices and now to look back on our day (and night) walking by the River Thames. Success is no accident, it’s the result of hard work I didn’t realise how accessible the Thames Path is Or how many amazing properties there are along its banks And just how far 100km is Or how positive and engaged some of the other walkers were on their task and hearing why they were doing it The key reflections though are around positivity and that we can achieve what we want to and all we have to do is get on with it and try. There were exceptional performances from all members of the BarrettClark team and it was a really positive experience. The team shirts were excellent, we raised thousands of pounds for, Smartworks, a worthwhile charity, learned about pushing ourselves and had some jolly interesting chats on the path. I look forward to what we are going to achieve next time.


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