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Redundancy and Restructure is the Talk of the Town

Redundancy and Restructure is the talk of the town and there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who need “career transition” support.

Companies make huge investments in their employer brand to attract talent. It is equally important for organisations to invest in services that support employees as they leave – especially this year. Good career transition management is also an ethical responsibility for employers while their upside is that they protect their company brand, performance and profitability – not only does it support employees who are leaving but will also help maintain workplace morale for employees who remain. Good career transition management is also an ethical responsibility for employers. I have many friends who have been through redundancy from jobs they have loved, forcing them away from people they have enjoyed working with and in every case it’s emotional. There is almost a level of grief at the loss…..on top of the doubts about self-worth, capability and whether they would ever get a job again. It is a stressful and anxious period of time.

I have guided people through this process for many years but this year it is even more relevant. We have been giving thought to how we can create additional services that will leverage our experience and are specifically targeted at this – coaching people through the hard times. Change through confidence and positivity

We have put together a selection of Career Transition Services for organisations to offer to their employees as they leave that focus on change through confidence and positivity. The services support people in all types of roles whether they are managers or CEO’s, and the foundation of each service are three key things: 1. The Good Life (Positivity & Mindset) The first thing that an employee needs is help to feel better…. So, we introduce them to positive psychology in order to build that positive mindset “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind” (Joyce Myers). Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the “good life” or the positive aspects of human experience that make life worth living – and we believe this is the start of the employee to candidate journey. 2. What are you really good at? (Strengths) Becoming a candidate means an understanding of what you are best at and where your natural talents lie. Knowing this enables people to make good career choices. We support the employee to candidate transition by focusing on strengths and getting candidates to understand their top strengths/talents and how they can focus on them – using the Gallup Clifton Strengths finder. 3. Ready, Steady, Go! (Practical Resources) When you are feeling positive and know what you are good at, a candidate is ready to focus on new career opportunities and it’s really important to have a great CV and be trained in the range of interview skills needed to have great interview outcomes. We are particularly talented in this area! It’s such a pleasure to be able to help people feel better, understand what they are great at and enable them to move confidently towards their next career opportunity.


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