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Where Extraordinary Happens…

The establishment brand is the antithesis to the challenger brand. The concept of the challenger brand was first introduced in a business book by Adam Morgan in 1999 called “Eating the Big Fish”. Being a challenger is not necessarily about your position in a market or sector and your position does not mean you are a challenger. A challenger is a state of mind. It’s a brand and a group of people behind that brand whose business ambitions exceed conventional thinking. They have a desire to change the category decision making criteria, closing the gap between themselves and the establishment brands. We notice challenger brands, they are visible. Quite often the challengers who have really shaken up a category are new to it. The market leader has the market share but the thought leader is the brand in the category everyone is talking about. Challenger brands embrace a strategy of polarising – which means you need to choose which side of the fence you are on, pick a side and face the consequences. Challenger brands constantly break the habitual behaviours that are safe. Over commitment is the only way to push through the inertia and resistance. Challengers need momentum and a constant stream of ideas. They have purpose and have a brand that motivates employees to get behind a common goal other than just profit. Founded in 2001, BarrettClark has evolved over the years and became a fully-fledged executive search firm in 2012. Over this period, we have conducted continuous research to evaluate the market segments across the consumer world as well as the best practice of the established brands. As a result of this collaborative process, we reaffirmed exactly who we are, as well as the why, what and how of executive search.

BarrettClark Executive Search has refined search processes that are centred around the client, not us. We continue to adapt and develop our market leading collateral that genuinely impresses both the candidates and clients we work with. We are fast on our feet, collaborative in our working style and constantly polishing the wheel to step up across all facets of the business. We have applied our process and approach to a range of assignments across the consumer service sector working with some amazing clients, some of which are also challenger brands.

After 16 years in our offices in Wimbledon (and latterly support offices in St James’s Square) we moved to larger offices in Vauxhall Cross / Nine Elms in January 2017. We are now right in the middle of an exciting and fast-developing area which will be a residential, cultural and business hub. We have invested in the best technology / audio visual systems, enabling us to effortlessly communicate across the UK and internationally.

The team love the new office which features great hospitality spaces. Located right next to the station at Vauxhall, we would be delighted to welcome those that would like to come in for a chat, coffee or a glass of something more potent! BarrettClark Executive Search….where extraordinary happens.


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